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“It is important that we not only share the news, but we must break it down so people can really understand it and encourage them not just to be informed, but to be empowered.” – Sybil Wilkes

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In the Headlines


GOP Continues Ride on Trump Train Amid Party Shakeup

What You Need To Know: The Republican Party is in the midst of a major shift as prominent GOP leaders are pushing for the ousting of conference chair Liz Cheney. Cheney, the highest-ranking woman in Republican leadership, has been under fire for the past few months...

Chauvin Lawyer Wants a New Trial

What You Need To Know: The defense attorney in the Derek Chauvin murder trial has requested a new trial. The White former Minneapolis police officer was convicted on three charges in the death of George Floyd. The call for a new trial was made exactly two weeks after...

Migrant Smuggling Operation Discovered in Houston

Federal charges were filed against five people over the weekend after a 911 call led to Houston Police Department (HPD) discovering 97 migrants locked in two rooms at a southwest Houston, TX home. According to several of the victims, they paid thousands of dollars to...

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