A lawsuit filed last Fall that accused the state of Georgia of chronic underfunding its thee public HBCUs compared to predominantly White institutions in the state has been quietly dismissed, per a report by Vanessa McCray of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The case, which involved three HBCU alumni as plaintiffs, alleged systemic inequities in funding and resources between HBCUs and their White counterparts.

The lawsuit was initiated by three alumni from Fort Valley State University, Albany State University, and Savannah State University, who sued the Georgia Board of Regents. They claimed that the board had consistently redirected resources from HBCUs to enhance academic programs at predominantly white schools. The federal lawsuit also pointed out that the buildings at the state’s three HBCUs were of inferior quality and that these institutions depended more on state funding compared to non-HBCUs. Additionally, the absence of graduates from these HBCUs on the Board of Regents was highlighted as a significant concern.