The Divine Nine

United For a Common Goal

A comprehensive plan created by the nation’s Black sororities and fraternities  to mobilize voters nationwide to participate in the political process during this vital time in history.

The 9-Point Action Plan

Spread the word about our 45-day strategy for voter motivation and activation.

Voter Registration

Assist members of the community in registering to vote.

Early Voting/Mail-In Ballot/Helping Our Senior Voters

Encourage citizens to vote early and help our elderly voters cast their ballots.

Election Day Voting/Covid-19 Safety

Educate voters on how to exercise their right to vote safely during the pandemic.

Working and Volunteering at the Polls

Enlist citizens to work at local poll locations on Election Day.

Voter Suppression/Legal Resources

Recruit law professionals to assist in addressing the problem of voter suppression. 

Down Ballot Races

Educate citizens on the importance of down-ballot races.

Activating HBCU Voters

Enlist citizens to work at local poll locations on Election Day.

Black Lives Matter/Marching to the Polls

Galvanize the energy of the Black Lives Matter movement to carry over into voting on Election Day.

Black Men Vote

Encourage and empower Black men of all ages to vote in local and national elections.

continuing the momentum of the leadership roundtable

This extraordinary time in the history of our country demands the unity of our most distinguished Greek organizations.