What You Need to Know:

As the world looks toward Ukraine, things have not been very quiet on Capitol Hill. We’re approaching the State of the Union address and President Joe Biden’s poll numbers have taken another dip. A survey from the Washington Post and ABC now puts his approval ratings at 37 percent. A poll from Harvard discovered that the majority of Americans say Russia would not have invaded Ukraine if Trump was in the White House. White House Press Secretary Jen Paski responded to these numbers saying, “Leaders lead during crises. That’s exactly what President Biden is doing.”

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has inspired comments from both sides of the aisle. Rep. Jim Clyburn, the third-ranking House Democrat, criticized Americans who idolize Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, characterizing them as “domestic enemies” who envy his autocratic power. Republican Mitt Romney took to CNN almost echoing the same sentiments saying, “It just makes me ill to see people inside of the Republican Party praise Russian President Vladimir Putin.” He didn’t name specific Republicans, but he considered those actions “almost treasonous.”

Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene was spotted speaking at the America First Political Action Conference, a known White nationalist gathering, over the weekend. While Greene publicly said, “Putin is a murderer, and he should never have invaded Ukraine,” those who attended the conference were chanting Putin’s name.  

Former President Trump, Greene, and other GOP heavyweights appeared at the Conservative People’s Action Committee conference over the weekend. Greene was greeted with loud cheers. In a straw poll to decide the 2024 candidate, Trump won 59% of the poll with his closest competition, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, winning 28 percent.

Why You Need to Know:

There’s something wrong with our political system if a foreign country gets invaded and politicians are hitting the campaign trail. The CPAC conference is a barometer of the GOP’s most conservative fanbase, but the silence of those who don’t speak out against this posturing just enables this radical behavior even more.