The Sun is wrapping up its transit through the zodiac with Pisces, encouraging us to bring endings to habits, routines, and other daily rituals that no longer contribute to the highest version of ourselves. Pisces Season is a time of heightened belief, spirituality, and faith in our future. We get a final Full Moon in the sign of Virgo (Pisces’ opposite sign) that will really bring to light some things that are clearly no longer good for us. This time of year not only restores our faith, but it also opens our minds to the plan and the work that we have to put in going forward.

As we wrap up this cycle, Aries Season brings in just the right amount of excitement, passion, and energy to get moving in the direction of our goals for this new year. This is a great time to begin a new workout routine or a healthy living regimen as well as great energy to connect with new friend groups, friend groups that support your higher vision of yourself.

I also believe that during this Aries Season, we will see more things “made right” within professional sports, but also sense that the energy may be sensitive to more negative encounters with law enforcement and/or military personnel.