What You Need to Know:

Congresswoman Cori Bush (D-Mo.) has lived up to her campaign promise of fighting for an “America for all, not the few.” Whether she is camping out on the U. S. Capitol steps to call attention to the expiration of the eviction moratorium or calling for the presidential commutations of prisoners, the first-term representative remains committed to being the voice of the voiceless. President Biden’s first State of the Union Address prompted Bush to publicly disagree with his call to fund police.

“We should all agree: The answer is not to defund the police,” President Biden said in his speech to the country. “The answer is to fund the police with the resources and training they need to protect our communities.”

The first African American to represent the first congressional district of St. Louis, responded via Twitter:

“With all due respect, Mr. President. You didn’t mention saving Black lives once in this speech. All our country has done is to give more funding to police. The result? 2021 set a record for fatal police shootings. Defund the police. Invest in our communities.”

In addition to the Congresswoman’s response, Black Lives Matter also responded on Twitter: “No, @joebiden, we don’t all agree.”

Why You Need to Know:
President Biden’s call to continue to fund police departments across the country with the  resources and training…to protect our communities,” didn’t just ring hollow among members of Congress, but across the country as well. Last month, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi declared “the slogan, defund the police issue, dead.” It’s not dead, Madame Speaker. This issue is very much alive. Take a look at the statistics citing the number of police-involved murders. Check out your local paper, the Washington Post.

In 2015, the Washington Post created and maintained a database cataloging every fatal shooting nationwide by a police officer. The Post has reported, the average of police-involved killings have averaged over 1,000 for the past six years, Last year, fatal police shootings hit a record high of 1,055. According to the Post, “Black men are killed by police at disproportionately high rates, and their deaths are mislabeled at higher rates than for any other race.” Yes, proper police funding and training do matter, but Black lives matter more and, we deserve your attention and action, Mr. President.