What You Need to Know:

Bounty hunters executing arrest warrants for 31-year-old Walter Hutchins, who is Black, on February 23 in Houston, TX, used two vehicles to block in at a parking lot. Moments after bounty hunters ran up to Hutchins, shots were fired.

According to the Houston Police Department, bounty hunters announced themselves and reported Hutchins “…shot numerous times from inside his vehicle out toward these investigators. One of the investigators fired a rifle only a couple of times, which struck this male…Our suspect backed up, crashed into a wall. Officers heard the shots, they were close in the area. They came and gave first aid immediately to our gunshot victim and secured the scene.” Hutchins was rushed to a hospital where he later died.

Famed Houston music executive and CEO of Rap-A-Lot records J Prince shared surveillance video and a different perspective of the shooting on Instagram. Prince described this arrest as “a real ambush” and claims the bounty hunters gave no warnings nor identified themselves. His caption further explains that the bounty hunters shouldn’t have “run up on a person like this in plain clothes and no police cars at night” while leaving a place of business in an area where robberies and carjackings are common. “We won’t allow y’all to get away with this one by changing the narrative or justify killing a man because he has a warrant for his arrest”.

Attorneys Ben Crump and Bob Hilliard, and the family of Walter Hutchins demanded the arrest of the bounty hunters at a press conference on March 1 in front of the Harris County Civil Courthouse. “What’s going to be interesting to find out is does the bounty care whether you bring them in dead or alive”, said Attorney Hilliard.

Houston Police said an investigation is ongoing, and findings of the investigation will be presented to the District Attorney’s Office, which will decide what, if any, charges will be filed.

Why You Need to Know:

According to reports, those bounty hunters waited on Hutchins for six hours instead of going inside or notifying police. This is not delivering justice, this is tactical murder.