What You Need to Know:

January 6th, 2021 will forever be a stain on our nation’s history. It was a day when former President Donald Trump weaponized mobs of his supporters to attack our nation’s capital. As we learn the inner workings of this last-ditch effort to overthrow our democracy, our nation’s highest-ranking military officials are theorizing what would happen should our military disagree on who is commander in chief, and President of the United States.

The generals – Paul Eaton, Antonio Taguba, and Steven Anderson – made their case in a recent Washington Post op-ed. “In short: We are chilled to our bones at the thought of a coup succeeding next time,” they wrote.

A staggering 124 retired military generals contested the results of the 2020 election. In the future, this could create a disruption in command and consequently a military coup, forcing our armed forces to take sides. While the generals see this as a low probability, the impact of these disagreements could ripple across all levels of government.

In an effort to prevent doubt in democracy from infiltrating the military, the generals are advocating for civics lessons, and liberal arts education aimed to reinforce the philosophy behind our democracy and the United States constitution. They are also advocating for simulations of future insurrections so they would not be caught off guard. The generals maintain faith in the leadership of the military, the Pentagon, and the American people to learn from the tragedy of January 6th.

Why You Need to Know:
The thought of a military coup over simply disagreeing with election results sounds fictitious, but we’ve seen how far people are willing to take their conspiracy theories nowadays. Early education, grounded in facts, can certainly help intervene against future insurrections.