What You Need to Know:

Sheriff’s Deputy Lt. Jeffrey Hash has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation after he shot and killed 37-year-old Jason Walker, who is Black. The shooting occurred on Saturday, January 8 in Fayetteville, NC while Nash was off-duty.

According to a preliminary police investigation, Hash was riding in his truck when Walker “ran into traffic and jumped on a moving vehicle…,” started screaming, and tore off a windshield wiper that …was used to break the windshield of the truck in several places”. Hash proceeded to shoot Walker then call 911.

An initial police report on social media claimed Walker was struck by the vehicle as he was crossing the street. According to Police Chief Gina Hawkins, the vehicle’s black box computer, which logs speed, breaking, and impact, “…did not record any impact, with any person or thing.”

Video of the shooting scene shows Hash standing by his truck while speaking over the phone as Walker lies near the back of the vehicle. A woman, who shared the video on social media, applies pressure to Walker’s wound. “People are hostile right now,” says Hash. “Nobody is hostile,” a man across the street says. “Don’t you (expletive) say that.” Witnesses tell paramedics they don’t know how many times Walker was shot and they didn’t witness the initial encounter. Walker was pronounced dead at the scene.

The Fayetteville Activist Movement and the Fayetteville Police Accountability Community Taskforce organized demonstrations outside the police department because Hash was not disarmed or arrested, and Walker was not rendered medical aid. According to Chief Hawkins, Hash has been disarmed and taken into custody, Walker wasn’t rendered aid because the woman at the scene was a medical professional. There’s no indication that Hash and Walker know each other, Hawkins added.

Investigators with the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation are leading the investigation and the North Carolina Conference of District Attorneys are assigned to serve as an independent prosecutorial agency in the case.

Why You Need to Know:
Officer Hash should’ve de-escalated the situation and called 911, which is what police training teaches. Or was he trained to shoot without any regard?