What You Need to Know:

Former President Barack Obama is known for his keen sense of style. From his choice of trousers to his infamous tan suit that many deemed “unpresidential,” people have been captivated by Obama’s wardrobe. Now his choice of watches has watch nerds buzzing. The former president is best known for the TAG Heuer Series 1500 worn on the campaign trail and the Jorg Gray quartz chronograph he was gifted by the Secret Service. He’s also been spotted with a Rolex Cellini.

In a picture Michelle Obama posted of her and her husband ringing in the New Year on Twitter, a watch on Obama’s wrist made a social statement: it’s a collaborative watch made to highlight Black-owned businesses.

The Teleport x Actively Black watch is a quartz chronograph and costs about $300. A New York-based watch company called Teleport partnered with the athleisure apparel brand Actively Black on the watch. Both companies are Black-owned.

Despite the watch’s association with the 44th President, the Teleport x Actively Black watch is reasonably affordable and stylish. But perhaps most importantly, Obama’s donning of the timepiece shines a light on the need for all to support Black-owned business to spark social change.

Go to Actively Black to pre-order the watch.