What You Need to Know:

By now, many of our fitness New Year’s resolutions are a thing of the past. But the owners of Know Yourself Fitness and Mentoring Group want to inspire the Dallas community and beyond to embrace exercise year-round.

Know Yourself Fitness and Mentoring is the brainchild of nationally certified trainers Dimitrius Glenn, Odell Bradley, and Dhakir Bey. Established in 2015, the trio decided to take their love of health and wellness to the next level, offering group and individual workouts to thousands in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Through a combination of cardio and weight training, and yoga and stretching, the group has worked with many looking to improve their bodies, including seniors and teachers with the school district.

The group also offers virtual services, including fitness consultations, one-on-one and group workout sessions for clients nationwide.

Just as important is the much-needed work Know Yourself Fitness has done in the community. Their mentoring program took the idea of living a healthy lifestyle to 10- to 18-year-old at-risk young men at a detention center in the Dallas area. The founders hope to duplicate the mentoring program in other cities.

“We take great pride in educating, encouraging, empowering, and motivating our young men through group fitness, nutrition counseling, and mentoring. We challenge them to be great thinkers and positive decision-makers, ultimately aiding the maturation process that will shape them into successful, knowledgeable, and responsible young men,” Glenn said.

What’s next for Know Yourself? The founders hope to secure funding to create a music program through the local community college paving the way for at-risk youth to learn about the process of making music. The product will be showcased quarterly, complete with awards and prizes.

Go to the Know Yourself Fitness and Mentoring Group website for more information.