What You Need to Know:

Fact-checkers are back at work. Standing before supporters in Arizona Saturday night, Donald Trump not only continued the fake news of voter fraud, but also riled up rally-goers with racist and misleading statements about how some people are treated for coronavirus. Trump stated that public health authorities are practicing  “race-based medicine,“ denying the Covid-19 vaccine to White people due to their race: 

“The left is now rationing life-saving therapeutics based on race, discriminating against and denigrating … White people to determine who lives and who dies. If you’re White, you don’t get the vaccine or if you’re White, you don’t get therapeutics. …In New York state, if you’re White, you have to go to the back of the line to get medical health… think of it, if you’re White, you go right to the back of the line,’ “Trump said. 


The Associated Press reported White people are not turned away from vaccines. Nor is there evidence they are being sent to “the back of the line” for Covid treatment.

Donald Trump distorted a New York policy, similarly in Minnesota and Utah, that allows race to be one consideration when dispensing oral anti-viral treatments. They are readily available, but when in limited supply, the New York policy did focus on people who were at most risk of severe disease from the coronavirus. 

The NY policy stated, “nonwhite race or Hispanic ethnicity “should be considered a risk factor” because long-standing health and social inequities make people of color more likely to get severely ill or die from the virus.”

Numbers have proven the virus exacted a disproportionately heavy toll on Black and Hispanic people. Last year, during various stages of the pandemic, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that Black, Hispanic and Indigenous people were almost twice as likely to die from the coronavirus than non-Hispanic Whites and were more likely to be hospitalized.

Why You Need to Know:
After being “booed” by supporters when sharing his vaccination and booster status, Donald Trump pivoted, grabbing the lowest hanging fruit: Blame Black people and other people of color as the reasons White people are not getting vaccinated. 

Own it. Stop your stock-in-trade “Trumpisms,” racism and lies. Your supporters, including the Blacks for Trump positioned behind you at rallies, are not getting vaccinated because of you. You may have fast-tracked the creation of Covid-19 vaccines, but you slow-rolled, if you moved at all, informing your supporters of the correct things to do to fight this disease, beyond drinking bleach.