What You Need to Know:

The Department of Justice (DOJ) is arguing that separated families at the border are not entitled to any financial compensation. They stress that while they do not agree with the Trump era zero-tolerance policies, these families, who entered the country without authorization, cannot challenge the enforcement of federal laws, nor seek recompense for the enforcement of said laws. The DOJ seeks dismissal of all cases of this sort and similar motions are being filed across the country.

Last year, it was rumored that the Biden administration was preparing to pay $450,000 to families that had been separated at the border as part of the Trump-era zero-tolerance policy. President Biden denied the rumor but it sparked conversation as to what, if any, amends would be made. Immigrant activists view the DOJ’s stance as a broken campaign promise, as Biden pledged to provide some form of reparations.

The Biden administration has set up a task force to reunite the 2,800 families but not all split families have been reunited.

If the DOJ fails to argue these lawsuits, courts can still rule in favor of migrant supporters leading to large financial sums for families. These losses could expose the Biden administration to significant pressure from the GOP. If the DOJ wins, then migrant families will be leaving with absolutely nothing.

Why You Need to Know:
I would like to see the families compensated in some way for their losses. However, nearly half a million dollars is a large sum that still would not fill the space of lost family members. I hope the Biden administration isn’t taking this harsh stance simply due to political pressure. But if these reparations occur, I can see Black Americans nationwide feeling even more ignored and betrayed.