What You Need to Know:

It’s hard to believe that 20 years ago, Tom Joyner began the health initiative, “Take a Loved One to the Doctor Day.” What started as a one-day event to increase health awareness in the African American community, spread across the country…and beyond.

Today, I am so excited and proud to announce a partnership with the American Heart Association in establishing “Check In and Check Up for Your Health.” We are continuing Tom’s passion for good health and wellness, taking it to the next level, 2.0, if you will.

Check In and Check Up for Your Health is the pathway to make physical and mental health a part of our daily lives. The purpose is simple: Promote greater health awareness for Black folks to eliminate the health disparities that currently exist in our communities.

It’s disheartening to report that our people are at the tops of lists of those affected by a number of health issues. That includes heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity, mental health, numerous cancers, infant mortality, HIV/AIDS, COVID-19…shall I go on? No. We’re going to change the narrative as we Check In and Check Up for Your Health.

Check In and Check Up for Your Health is all about closing the gaps in health disparities, increasing our life spans as we improve our quality of life.

Our partnership with the American Heart Association is so necessary as we join together to provide the expertise and tools to educate ourselves and our “loved ones.” This is more important than ever as we navigate our way through the current state of medical challenges.

The What You Need to Know Newsletter and It’s Sybil streaming shows have already produced stories and programming that highlight our people living and thriving in spite of diabetes diagnoses. Folks like entertainer David Mann have joined us to tell their stories as victors, not victims.

We will continue this information-filled and empowering programming on a regular basis, delving into a number of issues including men’s health, women’s health and mental health. Thanks to the American Heart Association for their almost 100 years as a pioneer, getting to the “heart” of our health. This partnership will enable us to continue improving our overall heath and lifting our spirits, as Tom Joyner did 20 years ago.

Tune in today for our YouTube and Facebook Live Show, as we Check In and Check Up For Your Health on It’s Sybil at 7PM ET/6 PM CT/ 4PM PT.

Be Well,