If you need something done, sometimes it’s better to do it yourself. This is exactly what led to the creation of A’Chere, an all-natural bath and body product company founded by Ava King. While suffering from dermatitis and eczema, King scoured the beauty aisles of stores in her St. Louis community in search of the right skin care product. When no product passed the test to relieve her extremely dry skin, King had an “aha” moment. 

“I started researching different things and I thought, jokingly, I could come up with something myself,” 44-year-old King told What You Need to Know. She started experimenting with shea butter, mango butter and oils that work well on African American skin. Finally, King discovered a winning recipe, a product that not only moisturized but also healed her skin problems.

She soon began making the product for her family and friends, but it took the government contractor a while to take the plunge into entrepreneurship. After glowing reviews and a little coaxing from her mother, King got a taste of entrepreneurship. She moved the business to Maryland, put more passion behind her efforts and the rest is history.

Over the past 10 years, A’Chere has evolved into a successful side gig, with a product line including handmade body butters, body wash, sugar scrubs, hair oils, even beard grooming products and fragrances for men. 

Despite the time and financial commitment she’s made, King stays motivated in her purpose. What’s next for A’Chere? King’s ultimate goal is to make her products available in major retailers, right alongside one of her inspirations, Carol’s Daughter products.

“The market is very saturated with different body products, but I feel like, if God brought me to it, He’s going to bring me through it. He’s going to make a path specifically for me. It doesn’t matter how saturated [the market] is,” King said.

Go to the A’Chere website for a complete list of offerings.