As gift-giving time approaches, consider supporting one of the many Black businesses featured in our newsletter over this past year. Today, we spotlight Black Art in America. 

What You Need to Know:

Stories untold are stories forgotten. Those are the words that come to the mind of Najee Dorsey, artist and co-founder of Black Art in America. Art has historically been a vehicle for preserving the fabric of African American culture and Dorsey, along with his wife and fellow artist, Seteria, have made it their life’s work to do just that.

Through Black Art in America, the Dorseys are committed to documenting, preserving, and promoting the contributions of the African American art community. The website, which launched in 2010, offers art lovers and collectors the latest news and offerings in the art world, paying homage to African American art pioneers while introducing the world to new Black creatives of every art medium.

Over its 11-year lifespan, the brand has evolved to include a newspaper, e-commerce, events, workshops, art show production of various artists, as well as a podcast. Dorsey says the platform’s many offerings are a way to meet art lovers where they are, adding he believes people come to art in different ways. Their latest venture, Garden Art for the Soul, allows people to purchase affordable yard art that displays varying aspects of African Americans enjoying life. 

Art has stood the test of time and the pandemic proved to be no match to its power. The Dorseys’ enterprise thrived through the pandemic, yielding their best year yet. The Columbus, Georgia based entrepreneurs were able to hire more staff, more writers and buy a commercial property in the East Point section of Atlanta that is slated to become their future headquarters.

The future looks bright for Black Art in America and the talent of African American artists is the driving force.

“When you give us an opportunity to show, then we just knock it out of the ballpark. As the market has shifted and museums open their walls to more artists of color, they see how people are highly engaged with that. They have no choice but to want that energy to continue on,” Dorsey said.

Go to the Black Art in America website to learn more about art, shop and sign up for the free online collectors’ class, and more.