What You Need To Know:

A North Carolina teacher at the Winterville Charter Academy has resigned after telling her Black students they would be her “field slaves.”

On September 20, the teacher asked Black students in her class to raise their hands. That’s when she told the students that they would be her “field slaves,” were it not for the Constitution, parents alleged.

In another incident detailed on a Facebook page devoted to the parents of students at the school, a group of Black girls tried to explain how being called a monkey is racist when a teacher walked up to them and said, “It’s OK, You’re all my little monkeys.”

A text message amongst parents circulated about yet another incident where a White student called a Black student a monkey. 

“When the Black student educated him on that being racist and him not liking it and not to call him that and asked the teacher for support, the teacher turned around and said to him, ‘Oh, it’s OK. We’re all a little bit racist,’” said Kanisha Tillman, whose eighth-grader attends the school. The Black student then called the White student a “cracker,” and the teacher threatened the Black student with disciplinary action.

The school responded to students’ complaints about actions not being taken for the racist incidents in an e-mail, saying there would be an investigation. This is when the teacher in question resigned. “The school leadership team acted immediately upon learning about a racially insensitive lesson and student remarks, and is currently working to address ongoing concerns from parents that racially insensitive student remarks continue,” said Colleen Cullison, spokesperson for National Heritage Academies, the parent company for the school.

“I don’t believe the school had no idea before Sept. 20,” Tillman said. “I believe that the school was aware of it and they decided just to keep brushing it off.”

Why You Need to Know:
With this many incidents from ONE TEACHER, it’s a reflection of the school itself and what its officials uphold. There should be a law against racism. Oh wait, there is! It’s called the Civil Rights Act of 1964.