What You Need To Know:

The COVID-19 pandemic has dealt serious blows to industry with a socially distant way of life, production-slowing protocols, and unprecedented widespread death. The repercussions of the pandemic ripple across the globe from the private to the public sector. This year’s holiday season is full of “shortages” of key items and interruptions of service along the global trade routes that may affect you in three ways this holiday season.

Christmas Tree Shortage
Due to blockages at numerous ports across the globe, U.S officials say Christmas trees, both artificial and authentic, will be more expensive, if not more scarce, across the country.

The Post Office is Slowing Down
The U.S. Postal Service began slowing down deliveries and increased the price of a stamp so the post office can recover its multi-billion dollar loss from last year. You can almost bet that your cards and gifts don’t arrive on Christmas Day unless you put them in the mail early.

War on Christmas
You can count on critics of President Joe Biden to use these interruptions of our upcoming holiday season as an opportunity to sink his approval ratings to new lows, even if he is inheriting a travesty from the previous administration.

Why You Need to Know:
While there are global trade routes that are experiencing some congestion, and the Postal Service is in desperate need of saving, these shortages are making mountains out of molehills. We live in a system where scarcity increases value. So companies are profiting more from these delays under the disguise of scarcity. Send a nice card and volunteer for this holiday season, if you’re able.