What You Need To Know:

A group of parents is suing Duluth Edison Charter Schools in Minnesota after alleging their elementary and middle-school-aged Black children endured racist bullying and discrimination from students and staff.

The suit, filed in April 2019, details a culture of racism at the school’s Raleigh and North Star Academy campuses and school officials’ refusal to address it. “…They fought long and hard to remedy their individual situations as best they could through the system. This case was only filed when they exhausted those opportunities,” said Rebekah Bailey, an attorney representing the parents.

The lawsuit alleges that White students bit, punched, kicked, pinched, spat on Black students, repeatedly called them the N-word and other racist names including “negro”,  “monkey”, and told them they “look like what’s inside a toilet.”

In 2017, a White student at North Star Academy threatened to stab a Black kindergartner in the eye with a screwdriver because she looked “different.” The girl was also pinched and kicked by older White students, resulting in a bruise on her rib. Desmond Gilbert, the girl’s father, demanded to meet and discuss the discrimination several times but was avoided by staff.

Other incidents include a teacher cutting off a student’s dreadlock and throwing it in the trash, and a swastika drawn on a school bus, but no one was disciplined. According to the lawsuit, Kali Proctor’s son was bullied so much that he said he didn’t want to be Black anymore.

Tammy Rackliffe, a spokesperson for DECS, said in a statement the school system “strongly denies any allegation of discriminatory conduct and has vigorously defended itself against these false allegations…Duluth Edison Charter Schools has welcomed a diverse community of learners for nearly 25 years.”

Chrystal Gardner, one of the school’s cultural liaisons, was fired in June 2018 after complaining about the Black students’ experience. She recently settled her own lawsuit against DECS for wrongful termination, retaliation and discrimination.

Why You Need to Know:
These kids are groomed racists, their teachers think it’s cute, and the officials ignoring the incidents are in denial. How sick, to allow bullying of innocent children.