What You Need To Know:

The attempts by migrants to get out of home countries like Haiti continue, with stories of strength, fortitude, and desperation. Such is the report of a shipping container that was discovered abandoned over the weekend on the side of a road in southern Guatemala.  Inside the trailer were 126 migrants, most from Haiti.

Guatemala police were called to the area after local residents reported hearing screams coming from the locked container. Upon opening the doors, they discovered scores of undocumented migrants including 106 from Haiti, 11 from Nepal, and nine from Ghana. Authorities believe they were abandoned by smugglers who were paid to take them to the United States by way of Mexico.

The Guatemala Migration Authority stated the migrants will be returned to authorities in Honduras, where they believe their journey in Central America began.

Why You Need to Know:

This latest attempt to reach the United States demonstrates a fierce determination to escape the reported horrific living conditions in Haiti. This follows last month’s arrival of thousands of Haitians as they waited for days to cross the border from Mexico to the border town of Del Rio, Texas. Of the estimated 13,000 migrants, the U.S. reports that more than 7,500 have been deported to Haiti.

Daniel Foote, the U.S. Special Envoy for Haiti, resigned his position in protest over the deportations, pointing out that sending Haitians back to their home country was “inhumane.”

Numerous American agencies, from the White House on down, have warned Haitians that “our borders are not open, and people should not make the dangerous journey.”

But how does the land of plenty shut the door on those with nothing?