What You Need To Know:

After being attacked by neighborhood locals on September 20 in Kenner, LA, Shantel Arnold, a Black woman standing at only 4’8” and 100 pounds with a missing eye from a past car accident, was attacked again by a sheriff’s deputy who arrived on the scene. 

The initial attack, which lasted several minutes, was captured in a cellphone video showing neighborhood boys slamming 34-year-old Arnold to the ground and beating her while a crowd watched and laughed. After attempting to defend herself with a stick, 71-year-old Lionel Gray, whom Arnold considers her stepfather, chased the boys away.

Witnesses say a White, Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Deputy showed up and demanded Arnold to stop and talk to him as she stumbled towards her home, covered in dirt. After telling the unnamed deputy she was just attacked and wanted to go home, witnesses including Gray and Arnold’s 55-year-old uncle watched from the family’s driveway as the unprovoked deputy grabbed Arnold and threw her to the ground. Video of the attack posted on Instagram shows the deputy pulling Arnold by the hair, slamming her head several times, causing several braids to come out of her scalp, then kneeling on her back.

Shortly after Arnold was taken to a hospital by ambulance, Arnold’s 32-year-old sister Mercedes said the deputy tried to convince her to have Arnold committed for mental health problems. “He was just trying to cover up what he did by saying my sister is crazy,” she said. Various family members said the same deputy has rolled by their house multiple times for several days in what they believe is an attempt to intimidate them.

Arnold, who was not charged with a crime, told investigators that her injuries were caused by the deputy and not the neighborhood boys. The sheriff’s office does not use body cameras but announced that it signed a contract for 500 body cameras to be deployed by December.

The unnamed deputy is currently under investigation.

Why You Need to Know:
Beaten by locals and a deputy within the same hour, in front of her family. What’s the value of a Black woman? Not this.