Today, Californians will be participating in an election recall, and conservatives are galvanized to remove current governor Gavin Newsom. This is an event that has only happened once in California’s history, which cemented Arnold Swarchenzager as governor.

Conservatives got 1.5 million signatures to initiate the recall, mostly due to a leaked photo showing Newsom dining in one of the most expensive restaurants in America, The French Laundry, during the time when he was urging people to stay home and avoid large gatherings. Newsom apologized and called the dinner “a bad mistake,” but it was widely perceived as hypocritical and out of touch.

Democratic Allstars have rallied to Newsom’s cause, including Vice President Kamala Harris, and President Joe Biden, who was in California Monday. Newsom raised an estimated total of $51 million in campaign funds almost overnight.

The conservative front runner is Larry Elder, a Black radio host who called Donald Trump “almost God-sent,” has made additional statements saying slave owners are owed reparations, that women exaggerate sexism and that Blacks exaggerate racism. Elder is a Los Angeles native, has an education from Brown University, and a Juris doctorate from the University of Michigan Law School.

According to polls, Democrats outnumber Republicans in the state of California 2-1, and Newsom is very popular in the polls. But this does not always translate to votes.

Why We Need to Know:

America is divided and Trumpism is the norm, and the ancient weapon of identity politics still remains. Conservatives rally strongly behind hate-filled Trumpist language. Identity politics are an old tried and true tactic. To stop the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., local politicians would bribe willing Black pastors to speak out against his message, as they knew Black Americans would more likely listen to their own people than a White person. The same applies here with Elder, and with Herschel Walker in Georgia. Black people, do not be fooled.