What You Need To Know:

This week in social justice: White people using the N-word like it’s ok.

On Thursday, September 9 at a board meeting for the Leander, Tx. Independent School District, a White woman named Cheryl Tannehill stepped up to complain during the citizens’ comments section of the meeting to complain about N.W.A’s – “F—k Tha Police” being used in an English class.

Tannehill addressed the audience by saying, “Officers-I hope they’re in here listening—and by the way, we appreciate you. The same hypocrites sitting in front of us that hate you, still call you when they feel threatened.…”. She began reciting the lyrics while constantly looking at the audience to make sure they heard what she said. “Search a nigga down and grabbing his nuts…But don’t let it be a Black and a White one/’Cause they’ll slam ya down to the street top…Just ’cause I’m from the CPT, punk police are afraid of me, a young nigga…”

“This is in your curriculum,” Tannehill continued. “How do you defend that? Are you proud? Your curriculum. This is what you’re teaching our kids. It’s sick.” She then hurries off the microphone.

On September 6, Alexandria Boyington, a White art teacher at Alcovy High School in Covington, Ga. was recorded by a student while asking her class, “Say I date a Black guy. Then I can say N—a?…’Cause, I got a N—a,” as students respond, “NO!” Boyington, who was named Teacher of the Year in 2019, is now on administrative leave as the Newton County School System investigates the incident.

“There was no reason for her to say that,” said senior Malik Montgomery, “…I was disappointed because as a teacher you are supposed to keep your profession, and just keep your composure…She should be fired.”

Why We Need to Know:

This ethnic slur used against Black people was created during the African slave trade as an adaptation of the Spanish and Portuguese word “negro”, meaning “Black”. Ethnic slurs are punishable and wrong until it deals with Black people. Here’s an interesting theory I came across: negro backward is orgen or “origin,” meaning “original”, as we are the original people. Hmm! Maybe that’s why White people wanna say it SO BAD.