What You Need To Know:

With an estimated total of $51 million, Governor Gavin Newsom’s popular political allies rallied for his cause in California to help drum up support to stop the upcoming recall election debacle tomorrow. Former President Barack Obama said recalling Newsom “puts our kids and our health at risk,” Elizabeth Warren said the recall will turn California into Texas, Senator Bernie Sanders said this is a “GOP power grab,” and Vice President Kamala Harris considers Newsom a “great American Leader,”  telling those present at a recent Bay area rally to vote ‘no’ for the forthcoming recall. President Joe Biden is expected to arrive today to rally on Newsom’s behalf.

The effort to oust Newsom came in the form of a petition, which got 1.5 million signatures from opponents of his stances against abortion, immigration, vaccinations, and his handling of the Covid-19 pandemic. The recall movement gained traction when a leaked photo was released to the public showing Newsom dining in a lavish French restaurant in Napa Valley at a time he was urging people to stay home and avoid large gatherings. Newsom apologized and called the dinner “a bad mistake,” but it was widely perceived as hypocritical and out of touch.

Polls say Newsom and supporters outnumber the GOP two to one, but those do not translate into votes. The GOP frontrunner is conservative talk radio host Larry Elder, a Black man who believes food stamps are a giveaway, wants to end the minimum wage and would reverse the state’s progress on COVID-19.

Why We Need to Know:

This is another example of how stalwart and united the GOP is. If this is any forecast about the midterm elections, Democrats could be in serious trouble and no amount of quick fundraising is going to solve it. This is also an example of how the GOP weaponizes identity politics. Utilizing a Black man who supports Trump to split votes is something we’re also seeing in Georgia. But staying informed and seeing through these obvious attempts to divide us as a people can only unite us.