What You Need To Know:

Nothing helps to wind down a busy week like rest, relaxation, and a good scented candle. Business owner, DiShaundra Shehy, is delivering hand-poured relaxation to clients nationwide. 

Scents on Purpose started from Shehy’s personal love of candles. When the pandemic hit and she was forced to work from home, she decided to learn the candle craft in her free time, and the rest, as they say, is history. She made the creations first for herself, then gave them away to family and friends. After receiving rave reviews and offers to buy her scented concoctions, Shehy opened up the virtual doors to her business. Revenue was first driven by word-of-mouth and after clients began posting her praises on their social media pages, the business blossomed. Her website now offers 20, coconut and soy-based scents, including her signature blend, Glow Up, and Black Excellence. Visitors can customize candles to their own liking and order scents from her upcoming fall and holiday lines. 

Shehy has thrived in her business, even more so during the pandemic, as her products provided an escape of sorts from the stress of 2020. She’s been able to place her product in salons and barbershops in Columbus, Ohio, where the business is based, and in Chicago and Indiana. Soon, her products will be offered in the Charlotte area.

Scents on Purpose is on track to reach Shehy’s goal of finding its own brick-and-mortar home. Most of all, Shehy wants her enterprise to continue to fulfill its purpose of touching the hearts of her clients.

Go to the Scents on Purpose website to browse candle offerings.