Andrew Brown, Jr. died from a gunshot wound to the head. A North Carolina state autopsy report released Thursday confirmed the unarmed African American man died from a “penetrating gunshot wound to the head.” 

The 42-year-old man was killed the morning of April 21 by Pasquotank County Sheriff’s deputies as they sought to serve an arrest warrant. The deputies have not been charged in the shooting, which was listed as a homicide in the autopsy. 

Prosecutor Andrew Womble confirmed the shooting death at a news conference last month. He also stated the deputies were justified in shooting Brown. One of the deputies who fired his gun at Brown handed in his resignation last week and an FBI probe into the shooting is ongoing.

Armed deputies were serving drug-related warrants at Brown’s home when they surrounded his vehicle. His car backed up and moved forward before several shots were fired at and into his vehicle. Attorneys for his family have repeatedly said Brown was trying to get away, while authorities have said he was using his car as a weapon.

In a statement released by Brown family attorneys Chantel Cherry-Lassiter, Ben Crump, Harry Daniels and Bakari Sellers said Thursday, “The autopsy results prove what we’ve always known to be true: Pasquotank County deputies executed Andrew Brown Jr. with a kill shot to the back of the head. The false narrative that DA Womble has attempted to weave is completely discredited by this autopsy report.”

The state autopsy stated Andrew Brown Jr. also was shot in the right arm and suffered lacerations and other wounds to his right thigh, right arm and upper back. He had a low level of methamphetamine in his bloodstream. But it “likely did not play a role in Mr. Brown’s cause or manner of death,” which was homicide, the toxicology report said.

Why We Need to Know:
So many questions remain to be answered in the shooting death of another Black man killed by police. Many of those answers could come as a result of the release of all body camera videos. But that requires full disclosure from North Carolina county authorities. 

The federal investigation into Andrew Brown’s homicide will continue…and hopefully into the entire legal system of Pasquotank County.