What You Need To Know:

Black Lives Matter demonstrators clashed with patrons outside of a Louisville, KY restaurant after a diner pulled a gun on them.

On the day of the Kentucky Derby, Saturday May 1, demonstrators marched through the Churchill Downs area with signs saying “We haven’t forgotten Breonna” and “No Justice, No Derby” to demand justice for Breonna Taylor, who was shot dead by police during a botched drug raid last year. Hayes Gardener, a local reporter, filmed and posted a video on Twitter that went viral when a diner at La Chasse, an upscale French restaurant, confronted at least 50 demonstrators and pulled out a gun.

In the video, a White older man is shown pointing a small pistol at several demonstrators. Two White demonstrators were also carrying what appeared to be assault rifles. Shouting between diners and demonstrators continued as a Black woman demonstrator began yelling and motioning for demonstrators to move away.

“The arrests of that group were made after protesters repeatedly blocked the roadway despite officers giving multiple verbal requests for them to utilize the sidewalk,” said police spokeswoman Alicia Smiley. However, another video posted by Gardener showed demonstrators marching down the sidewalk while passing Louisville Police. At least five people were arrested and charged with possession of a handgun by a convicted felon, failure to disperse and evading police. No reports confirmed if the man who brandished the pistol at the demonstrators was arrested or not.

Why We Need To Know:

Police will find every fault in people demanding justice and charge them with breaking the law, but find nothing wrong with the person who pulled a gun on the people to incite anger in the first place. Sounds like the ones in charge would give the man with the gun a round of applause if he shot someone and probably would have charged him for a bullet hitting the wall at a nearby restaurant.