What You Need To Know:

Over the past year, we have seen the devastating effects the pandemic has had on the African American community, especially when it comes to health outcomes. Destiny Monroe, owner of RAW Fitness, has taken this fact to heart. Now more than ever, Monroe is dedicated to using her knowledge and training to help people adopt a healthier lifestyle.

The 32-year-old Army veteran and engineer is no stranger to the world of fitness. The former athlete has fitness in her genes, making health her priority for as long as she can remember. Over the years, Monroe has taken her knowledge and love of an active lifestyle and inspired the masses. On her platform, the Houston-bred personal trainer teaches the value in taking care of your health through exercise and nutrition. She has found great success during the pandemic, leading home workouts from her kitchen directly to her 543,000 Instagram followers and beyond. She’s been featured in several online articles and most recently, made her debut on ABC’s Good Morning America.

Despite her achievements over the past year, Monroe has endured many challenges in the fitness industry, the biggest one being her Blackness.

“Just six years ago, the face of fitness was a size two White woman, so as you can see, there are challenges that we face as Black women,” Monroe told What You Need to Know.

“Companies were very picky when it came to women representing their brand. You had to be a woman. You had to be at least White. If you weren’t White, then you had to at least be light, but if you’re dark, then we can only have one of you,” Monroe said, adding colorism and racism are huge problems that many are afraid to speak on in the fitness industry.

Despite this challenge, Monroe keeps her focus on creating a transparent platform that all can relate to while pushing herself to be great, committing every day to live by her powerful motto, “No excuses. Only results.” Enough said.

About Destiny Monroe

Destiny Monroe earned her degree in software engineering from Prairie View A&M University. Go to rawfitness.net to learn more about customized fitness and nutrition offerings.