What You Need To Know:

A sixth person has died in this week’s shooting in South Carolina that officials report that was carried out by former NFL player Phillip Adams. Robert Shook succumbed to his injuries Saturday.

Police received two 9-1-1 calls Wednesday afternoon about a shooting at the Rock Hill, SC home of Dr. Robert Lesslie. Emergency responders discovered the popular physician, his wife, Barbara, two grandchildren and two HVAC repairmen, James Lewis and Shook. As the immediate survivor, Mr. Shook called his boss for help.

Authorities say the suspect, 32-year-old Adams killed the five victims, wounding a sixth, before killing himself early Thursday at his parents’ nearby home. A coroner reported the body of the former football pro was found in the family home after a standoff with police.

Statements from The York County Sheriff’s Office indicate the investigation is ongoing in the search for answers, starting with, why?

Within hours of Adams’s presumed suicide, speculation of why this happened ranged from coronavirus treatment to withholding a medical prescription. South Carolina Congressman Ralph Norman posted information he said came from law enforcement that Dr. Robert Lesslie was treating Phillip and had stopped giving him medication. York County Sheriff Kevin Tolson later stated there was no indication of a doctor-patient relationship between the men.

In an interview with a local station, Phillip’s father, Alonzo Adams, said his son was a “good kid. I think the football messed him up.”

During his six-year pro career, Adams played for six teams. During his season with the Oakland Raiders, he suffered two concussions in a three-week period. As a part of the autopsy, the medical examiner will be looking for chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE. This neurodegenerative disease is all too familiar to sports, especially football. CTE is linked to repeated blows to the head.

Why We Need to Know:

Hours after the horrific shooting deaths of what was six people, now seven, President Biden announced his executive orders regarding gun control.

One of the actions is encouraging “red flag” laws. These laws would allow the courts to bar people from carrying guns if they are shown by family or law enforcement to present a danger to themselves or others.

There are a number of “ifs” regarding this statute. But if this law had already been in place in the state of South Carolina and if his family was made aware of the law, maybe, just maybe seven lives could have been saved.