Former Minneapolis officer Derek Chauvin, the officer charged with second-degree murder for kneeling on the neck of George Floyd, is asking that a judge blocks prosecutors from citing eight incidents throughout his 19-year career. The incidents would potentially show a pattern of behavior similar to Chauvin’s fatal encounter with George Floyd.

Earlier this week, Chauvin’s attorney, Eric Nelson, filed a request with District Judge Peter A. Cahill to block evidence of Chauvin’s past incidents that occurred during his time as an officer because, after routine investigations, he was acquitted of using “force in a manner that was unreasonable or unauthorized“. Attorney Nelson argued that prosecutors are violating Minnesota state law by using past incidents that aren’t relevant or similar in order to “illegally prove propensity” and that it would be “unfairly prejudicial”. Other cases involve Chauvin using neck restraints while he was working as an off-duty security guard.

According to The Post, one of the cases involved Chauvin using a neck restraint that caused the suspect to lose consciousness, after which he placed the suspect in a “recovery position” until he “came to”. Attorney Nelson’s seemingly new defense strategy claims Chauvin used “body weight control techniques”, and not a neck restraint.

Attorney Nelson’s request goes on to say that, “The state’s attempt to characterize these incidents as evidence of some kind of ill-will intent or common scheme of violence that is somehow unique to Chauvin is specious, at best”.

Why We Need To Know:

Like my mom says, he’s trying to lie like a damn rug.