On the heels of a historic campaign and win making a woman of color, Senator Kamala Harris, Vice President-Elect, many are now looking at the make up of the Biden transition staff and beyond, to a Biden administration. The Biden-Harris campaign team was diverse in its make up with 46% of its full time staff and 40% of the senior staff were people of color. With the transition staff in place, that trend continues with almost half are people of color and there are more women than men. According to data provided to CNN, 52% of the overall transition team are women, 46% of the team are people of color. Among senior staff, 41% are people of color and 53% are women.

And the challenging question to the Biden team, will the promises of diversity continue? Yes, the first woman, the first Black and first South Asian will become Vice-President. And yes, there’s the promise of nominating a Black woman to the Supreme Court. But will it end there?

Why We Need To Know:

Who or what “influencers“ will have an effect on the appointments of the faces and voices of the Biden administration? There’s so much more to do in this age of needing to “Walk the Walk.” The Washington Post reports that while Black activists are still excited about the Vice President-elect, they are also wary. 

Black Voters Matter co-founder, LaTosha Brown said she wants the Vice-President-elect to be a transformative leader, “What I am hoping is she becomes the lightning rod.”  Brown adds her fear is that the White longtime Biden advisers will have more input and influence on President Biden than his Vice President.  

Diversity  includes not only a Vice President, the promise of nominating a Black woman for the next Supreme Court opening, but also positions within the White House like Communications Director or Press Secretary. After working with the Bernie Sanders 2016 campaign, Symone Sanders was an early Biden 2020 supporter. Names, including that of Ms. Sanders, have been floated for communications positions. 

Politico.com reported, “Symone Sanders could be offered the role of incoming press secretary, or slot into another position before winding up “at the podium” down the line, Biden aides and other people in and around the transition said. 

The brilliant communications professional Symone Sanders would present a new face and truthful voice that America needs. Just saying…