During this crucial point in the presidential election, leaders of the Christian faith are stepping up and using their influence to persuade fellow Trump-supporting Christians to vote for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

The group that has formed a new super PAC called Not Our Faith. The PAC is a bipartisan group of faith leaders that includes Michael Wear, a former faith adviser in Obama’s administration, Autumn Vandehei, a former aide to former Republican Rep. Tom DeLay of Texas, and the Rev. Alvin Love, pastor at Lilydale First Baptist Church-Chicago and chair of faith-based initiatives at the National Baptist Convention.

Not Our Faith will begin a six-figure TV and digital ad campaign geared toward evangelical and Catholic voters who supported Trump in 2016. The faith-based vote has been a large voting bloc for Trump and the campaign has maintained support of those voters this election season as well.

The first digital ad, scheduled to run in Michigan and Pennsylvania, shows the president’s photo op in front of a historic Washington, D.C. church during this summer’s racial justice protest. The ad says Trump “has used Christianity for his own purposes.” The ad discourages Christians from supporting Trump, saying they “don’t need Trump to save them. The truth is that Trump needs Christians to save his flailing campaign.”