With 18 days to go before November 3, changes in political campaigns are taking place every day, if not every hour, especially in the age of the coronavirus. Thursday, the Biden campaign announced that Senator Kamala Harris will pause her travels for the next several days. This follows the positive test results of her communications director and a campaign plane crew member. It’s being done out of an abundance of caution as Senator Harris has not been in close contact with campaign staff during the nomination hearing of Judge Amy Coney Barrett. The Senator’s last negative test result was Wednesday. If all goes as expected, officials say Senator Harris will return to the campaign trail Monday.

Thursday also brought news about President Obama’s participation in support of the Biden-Harris team over the final two weeks. Mr. Obama has been actively speaking and raising campaign donations in the virtual realm. Supporters may now see the former President stumping for Joe Biden at socially distant events in key battle states like Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. The Obama-Biden campaign carried those states in 2008 and 2012.

Why We Need To Know:

Despite massive campaign donations and national polls indicating sometimes double digit leads by the Biden-Harris campaign over Trump-Pence, no one is taking these advantages for granted. Unlike what was expressed four years ago, people on the streets and in campaign offices, recognize the importance of every vote. As the old political adage reminds politicians and voters alike, “The only poll that counts, is the one on Election Day.”