A recent study by Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO, finds that the coronavirus can survive on certain surfaces for up to 28 days, longer than the flu virus. 

CSIRO researchers found that at a 68-degree temperature, the Covid-19 virus remained infectious for nearly one month on smooth surfaces such as plastic banknotes, like those found in Australia and other countries, the glass found on mobile phone screens and stainless steel surfaces.

The findings underscore the importance of frequent cleaning and handwashing.  


The makers of the antibody cocktail used to treat Trump during his recent coronavirus infection have called the president’s treatment “a case of one,” adding ongoing clinical trials are still needed to show its effectiveness. 

“The president’s case is a case of one, and that’s what we call a case report, and it is evidence of what’s happening, but it’s kind of the weakest evidence that you can get,” Regeneron chief executive Leonard Schleifer said in a CBS interview over the weekend.

Trump was treated with the experimental antibody drug and touted it as a “cure.”

Twitter added a warning label to a tweet from Trump that claimed he is immune to coronavirus after his doctor granted him clearance to resume public engagements.

In an interview with Fox News, Trump also claimed to be immune from the virus, adding he believes he will be immune for “maybe a long time, maybe a short time, could be a lifetime.” [READ MORE]

According to guidance by the CDC, there is no evidence that people are immune to coronavirus if they have been infected once.

Democratic Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear announced he and his family will quarantine after a member of his security detail tested positive for coronavirus. Beshear said he, his wife and two children feel fine and show no coronavirus symptoms. 

According to new research by the medical journal JAMA, the U.S. reported at least 1,336,561 deaths in the U.S. between March 1 and August 1, a 20% increase over what would normally be expected. Coronavirus deaths accounted for two-thirds of them. 

“Although total US death counts are remarkably consistent from year to year, US deaths increased by 20% during March–July 2020,” said the research, authored by Dr. Steven Woolf and colleagues at the Virginia Commonwealth School of Medicine. 

New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Louisiana, Arizona, Mississippi, Maryland, Delaware, Rhode Island and Michigan were the ten states with the highest per capita rate of excess deaths. 

The family of a man who worked for Tyson Foods has filed a lawsuit against the company after he died of Covid-19 earlier this year.

Pedro Cano, a 51-year-old meatpacker, working in close contact with fellow maskless and gloveless employees at a pork processing plant in eastern Iowa in April when he became infected.

A lawsuit accuses Tyson of “gross negligence” after not informing factory workers of proper safety precautions to prevent virus exposure. 

According to the Des Moines Register, Tyson Foods advised corporate employees were to work from home as early as March 17. However, plants and factories were deemed essential and remained open to continue to stock grocery stores.